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The Hague
the Netherlands



Book of Uncommon Prayer

Book of Uncommon Prayer

1hr50 concert, with interval

4 singers, 1 pianist

American composer/pianist John Musto’s quartet cycle The Book of Uncommon Prayer (2008) takes its name from a volume of short poems by Katherine Mosby which evoke, in her words, “a form of prayer broad enough to include people who can’t name their god.” These little glimpses into the self, into the unconscious, into communal experience, are a perfect lens for Damask’s program of the same name, in which we present quartet repertoire with piano that explores the divide between sacred and secular, the cosmic and the personal. Elegant, devotional, fiery, and funny, pieces by Schubert and Brahms (classic but underperformed) set up John Musto’s tour-de-force cycle, which alternates solo songs with quartets and is set to become a standard of the repertoire.





Franz SCHUBERT: Drei quartette

An die Sonne D. 439

Des Tages Weihe “Schicksalslenker, blicke nieder” D. 763

Gebet D. 815


Franz SCHUBERT: Moment musicaux D. 780/4 (solo piano)


Johannes BRAHMS: Vier quartette op. 92

O schöne Nacht






John MUSTO: The Book of Uncommon Prayer

Confitebor/Bleach My Bones

Teach Me the Beauty

I Stop Writing the Poem

Help Me to Laugh

Old Photograph

Two Priests/Music and Drum

Let Sing the Bedsprings

San Jose Symphony Reception

For I Have Come So Long


Chorale: Breathe On the Living

Words To Be Spoken

Some Last Words

Angels Have I None/The Phoenix Prayer

Keep Watch