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The Hague
the Netherlands



Come, Daughter

Come, Daughter

1hr concert, no interval

4 singers, each playing percussion


Instrumentation: bass drum with large felt-head mallet, glockenspiel with medium hard rubber mallet, brake drum with metal beater, tubular bells (4): B-flat, B, C, D-flat, with mounting rack and chimes hammer, crotales (4): C, F, G, A-flat, sleighbell, 3 stick tables

Damask presents a powerful program of music appropriate for Passion season. We pair some of the most lovely and profound American melodies from various spiritual traditions--Shaker, Quaker, slave songs--with a modern masterpiece, David Lang’s Little Match Girl Passion for four singers each playing percussion. This substantial work tells the Hans Christian Andersen story of an innocent girl’s death through the structure of a Bach Passion, with chorale-like sections reflection on her plight, an “Evangelist” narrative style, and a haunting final chorus. This contemplative program, performed without interval, strongly affects audiences of all ages and musical backgrounds and is a worthy counterpart to the more grand and well-known Passion repertoire.




African-American Spirituals

My Lord, What a Morning

Shall We Gather at the River

Were You There


David LANG: the little match girl passion

come, daughter

it was terribly cold

dearest heart

in an old apron

penance and remorse

lights were shining

patience, patience!

ah! perhaps

have mercy, my god

she lighted another match

from the sixth hour

she again rubbed a match

when it is time for me to go

in the dawn of morning

we sit and cry


Long Time Ago