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The Hague
the Netherlands



O schöne Nacht

O schöne Nacht

1hr30 concert, with interval

4 singers, 1 pianist

O schöne Nacht -- beautiful night! DAMASK explores the sensual and mysterious possibilities of darkness in our program of Romantic quartets by masters of 19th-century song, including dreams sweet and terrifying, fantastic creatures, ghosts, silent longings and regrets, new-blooming love, homesickness, dancing and stories around the fire.

We perform Brahms’s complete Op. 92 and Op. 112 quartet cycles, featuring some of his most ravishing vocal writing; and we are delighted to present some exquisite, rarely-performed quartets by two of Brahms’s lesser-known contemporaries. Henrich von Herzogenberg married one of Brahms's piano students and was a tireless advocate for his colleague's work. His Notturnos, Op. 22, are almost unbelievably harmonically rich and expansive, and the first movement of the cycle directly inspired Brahms’s more famous O schöne Nacht. Gustav Jenner, a generation younger and Brahms’s only formal student, wrote captivating quartets of rhetorical grandeur and humor. Together, these gorgeous miniatures, mostly not as well known as they deserve to be, make for a beautiful and satisfying evening of chamber music.




Johannes BRAHMS: Zwei quartette op. 112a




Johannes BRAHMS: Vier Zigeunerlieder op. 112b

Himmel strahlt so helle

Rote Rosenknospen

Brennessel steht an Weges Rand

Liebe Schwalbe, kleine Schwalbe


Johannes BRAHMS: Rhapsodie Op. 72/2 (solo piano)


Heinrich von HERZOGENBERG: Vier Notturnos op. 22

Wärs dunkel, ich lage im Walde 

Nacht ist wie ein stilles Meer 

Intermezzo: “zwei Musikanten zieh’n daher”

Wie schön hier zu verträumen



Ned ROREM: Four Madrigals


Flowers for the graces


An absent friend


Gustav JENNER: from Zwölf Quartette

Richten will ich Tisch und Gastmahl

Ich gehe des Nachts

Fensterlein, nachts bist du zu

Wenn's die Baüme könnten klagen


Johannes BRAHMS: Vier quartette op. 92

O schöne Nacht





Robert SCHUMANN: Zigeunerleben